I’m Not a Trump Supporter, But…

The Left has been gunning for Trump from the minute he was elected – which is no surprise, but they’ve taken it too far, this time.Trump has been out of office since Jan. 20th, and still, they’re trying to impeach this guy – even though he’s out of office!!! What the hell, people? They’re Zealous […]

Trump Banned From Twitter: Who’s Next?

President Donald J. Trump was just banned by Twitter, but why? According to the company’s blog, their reason for the permanent ban was “…due to the risk of further incitement of violence.“ I call bullshit. There are PLENTY of other accounts on the [platform that incite violence – even some death threats. They’ve banned him […]

About Me

I wasn’t always into politics, there was a thing called life that trumped that.  Early Years   I was a teenager around the age of sixteen when I first got into politics. At the time, Bill Clinton was running for president. I don’t know if I knew any of his policies, but here’s why I […]

As We Approach 2021…

So there’s nothing of a review in this post – just getting in a few last words. This election year has been brutal, especially with the issue of COVID19 taking center stage. It seems like the election might’ve turned out differently, had it not been an issue. But who’s to say, one way or another […]

Government Funded Means You Fund It

“Government-Funded” Programs Do Not Exist Government funded anything is a misnomer. If the government is paying for it, then YOU are paying for it. Where does the government get it’s money? From taxpayers -v a.k.a. from the Corporation of Y.O.U. And if they can’t pay for something, they’ll either raise taxes, raise the debt ceiling […]

If Liberals & Conservatives…

If liberals and conservatives were to come together for a civil discussion, I’d bet that we’d find more in common than that which divides us – the Red & Blue parties. I firmly believe that an honest look at some third parties would create more balance than polarity. The duopoly’s strength is in two things: […]